Pictorial Directory Information

If you need to submit your own photos
1. What format are submitted photographs accepted in?
          ●  All submitted photographs should be in an accepted electronic photo format. Accepted formats
include JPG and PNG - PDF images are NOT accepted.
          ●  If scanning a hard copy photograph it should be scanned at a minimum 250 dpi or higher.
Submitted photographs will be put in AS IS (possible cropping will be done as needed).

2. What orientation should the submitted photos be?

The photographs Harmann Studios takes for the family section will be in a landscape/horizontal orientation. If a submitted photograph is not in the landscape/horizontal orientation some cropping may be done by Harmann Studios.
3. How do we handle submitted photographs that were taken by another professional photographer?
Any submitted photographs received with the intent of being used in the family section would need to be accompanied by a release from that photographer/studio allowing Harmann Studios to use that image in the directory. The release MUST be attached when sending the photograph.
4. How do we name the family section submitted photographs?

Image files should be saved with how the names will be displayed in the family section of the directory.
The basis of how a photograph should be named is as follows: Last Name(comma)Adult First Name(s)(semi-colon) children’s names (separated by commas).  Ex: Smith,Joe&Jane;Billy,Bobby

You can send the photo to the church office or to Jane at Jane.stenz@icloud.com.  These photos must be submitted to the church office or Jane by Wednesday, November 8.  Remember to send the release and how the photo should be named.

If you have any other questions, please contact Jane Stenz @ Jane.stenz@icloud.com or call her at (920)788-3009.