The mission of Bethany:ย  To bring glory to God through making disciples by nurturing our community to grow closer to Jesus.
๐Ÿƒย Glory to Godโ€”all that we do is properly done to glorify God.
๐ŸƒDisciplesโ€”the end result of all that we do is that we might produce Disciples of Christ.
๐ŸƒNurturingโ€”strive to show gentle and consistent care so that people thrive.
๐ŸƒCommunityโ€” this is multi-faceted, as our community is our family, our church, our work, our town, etc.
๐ŸƒGrow-- we reject giving in to decline and stagnation in our personal relationship with Jesus and the relationship of our community to Jesus.
๐ŸƒCloser-- We want to experience closeness to Jesus in our lives and not to follow him at a distance.ย  God in Christ has come close to us; we want to walk close to Him.
Jesusโ€”It is all about Him.