Covid 19- Safety Measures 

Worship safety guidelines 
In consideration of the covid 19 pandemic
Updated August  2021
  • Both entrances -- 10th St and Hendricks are open to promote social distancing
  • Check your party in on pre-registration list 
  • Masks 
    • EVERYONE regardless of vaccination status is encouraged to wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth. This is a change based on CDC classifying Outagamie County as a high transmission area. 
  • Take a seat as close as possible to the front of the church and try to give others space
  • Social distancing at all times from entry, seating, and exiting.
  •  All information for the service will be on the PowerPoint screen. (no bulletins, etc) 
  •  Offerings will be collected upon dismissal from the back to the front of the church.
  • Communion Services - please do not proceed forward to the communion rail until the party ahead of you has received communion and has returned to their pew. Pastor and elders will continue to mask, use gloves, and socially distance when serving Holy Communion
  • At the end of the service, those in the back will leave first.   Keep your distance upon exit as well.